Apr 6, 2018 • 53M

#7 Dr. Drew Helmer

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Shree Nadkarni
Join Shree Nadkarni as he goes through life, testing ways to be happier, healthier, and finding his own passion through interviewing interesting people in the world.
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In which Shree talks to Dr. Drew Helmer, the Director at the War Related Illness & Injury Study Center at the Veterans Administration New Jersey Health Care System. He is the author of Sex After Service: A Guide for Military Service Members, Veterans, and the People Who Love them. In this episode, I just wanted to ask him about how he gets so much done in a day and what future he thinks medicine is headed towards in the VA as well as in private practices across the US. Also, it was a great conversation about his journey into medicine and how the power of circumstances really shaped his career trajectories from a museum curator when he was very little, to a genetics researcher, and finally, a physician.