Aug 2, 2019 • 49M

#46 Dr. Nina Shapiro

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Shree Nadkarni
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Today on the show we are very glad to welcome Dr. Nina Shapiro, ENT specialist and author of Hype!  In our conversation we chat about her book and what inspired a general and popular publication of its kind before getting into some of our guest's experiences and opinions on the medical field at present. We discuss confirmation bias, common health concerns and the attitudes of parents towards health in the modern climate. Dr. Shapiro opens up about e-cigarettes, vaccines, online information and gender bias in medicine too. She shares some of the challenges that come with writing a book, and particularly a medically focused one, why mentorships are so important to young doctors and the troubling advice she offers encounters in her work. We finish off the episode with a few fun questions about wishes, her mission and a question that Dr. Shapiro wants to ask Shree! For all this and more, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Confirmation bias, the influence of Google and the inspiration behind the book.

  • Surprising beliefs that are widely held to be true.

  • Reformulating the pyramid of health concerns.

  • E-cigarettes, JUUL products and the effects that Dr. Shapiro has noted.

  • The evolving attitude of parents about their children's wellbeing.

  • The unrealistic debate around vaccines and legal and ethical concerns.

  • Close-knit communities, the speed of outbreak and the importance of education.

  • Lay press, battling fake information and Dr. Shapiro's attitude towards these.

  • The most challenging elements of writing the book.

  • Medical education and mentorships within any program.

  • Shapiro's experience of gender bias in the medical profession.

  • The professional advice Dr. Shapiro disagrees with the most.

  • Shapiro's mission and what gets her out of bed in the morning.

  • The three things Dr. Shapiro would wish from a genie!

  • And much more!


“I work in healthcare, I work with patients, I work with families, we’re exposed to a lot of information, all of us, not just doctors, all of us on a daily basis.” — @drninashapiro [0:01:04]

“I really felt that there was a dire need to write a book that was as evidence based and as non-biased as possible.” — @drninashapiro [0:01:29]

“I take care of very elective problems and I take care of severely emergency, life and death problems and everything in between. And no two days are the same.” — @drninashapiro [0:34:56]

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