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#26 Kim Sertich

#26 Kim Sertich

In which Shree talks to Kim Sertich, a filmmaker who owns a production company in Phoenix, Arizona. She recently made a documentary about how the current healthcare system had failed her, called “Healthcare Unmasked” streaming on Her website is

Questions Covered:

  • What is the documentary about and how did you get insured beforehand?

  • Why did you choose the faith based program and what are the different options if you didn’t want to do a faith based program?

  • Why did you choose the documentary form to convince people and do you think it worked/benefits out of the process itself?

  • As a medical/college student, how do you balance the time between work and filming?

  • What makes a good questions and how do you elicit a good response?

  • Taking me through a day of documentary research, and thought process through each thing?

  • Did you feel that you arrived at journalism or did you want to go into journalism from the get go?

  • How was meeting the president?

  • What are your next plans?

  • How does this conversation relate to younger audiences?

  • How do hospital mergers affect the career of physicians? Should they become entrepreneurs?

  • What was the best/worst thing of the whole process and why was it so good/bad?

  • How long did it take to complete the documentary?

  • What exactly was the timeline between when you started and ended?

  • How long did you think it was going to take to film the documentary?

  • Before you started the interviews, how long did you research the interviews?

  • What did you learn at the end of the process?

  • What gets you up out of bed in the morning?

  • What would be her three wishes?

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Common Sense Medicine
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